Founded in 2000 by Greg Wood, The N.E. Ohio School of Golf has emerged as one of the leading golf schools in Ohio. Offering a wide variety of golf instruction from Golf Camps, Clinics, and Specialized Golf Instruction at 20-plus instruction sites in greater Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and Youngstown Ohio, Greg was recognized as one of Ohio's Top 10 Golf Instructors in 2004 by HS Search.

The N.E. Ohio School of Golf offers Full Swing Golf Instruction (Guaranteed Golf) and Short Game Clinics, as well as Custom Golf Clinics, Performance Enhancement Clinics, Special Golf Programs, Day Camps, Secondary/College Programs, and Private Golf Lessons are just a part of what is available.  

Master's Program

This is a 10 week program. Greg Wood evaluates prospective students during week 1 of the class, and if accepted, tuition is due ($320). This is a more intense program for better golfers. The focus will be on learning to practice more effectively, correcting and fine tuning the full swing, short game "201", course management, identifying lost strokes, and on course instruction as deemed necessary. This program is not intended for beginners or high handicap players.

Guaranteed Golf
8 Week Golf School - $169 for life

Guaranteed Golf is far and away, hands down, the most innovative, golfer friendly, scientifically based method of learning to swing the golf club ever devised.

Designed as a result of research at Ohio State University over 30 years ago, Guaranteed Golf is now located in several sites throughout the nation.

Greg Wood, Director of the Guaranteed Golf Schools for Northern Ohio, was the recipient of the 1st Annual Guaranteed Golf National Teacher of the Year Award.  "This award is shared by the staff and volunteers of the N.E. Ohio School of Golf...good job everyone!" -- Greg

Short Game Clinics

The N.E. Ohio School of Golf conducts the premier Short Game Clinics in Ohio.  These clinics consists of full service training in putting, chipping, sand play, and the pitch shot.

Learn the proper stance...proper ball positioning...the proper grip...the proper swing techniques...and more!

The Short Game Clinic is a 3 hour, extensive golf instruction clinic regarding the facet of the golf game often referred to as 
"The Scoring Zone".



The staff at N. E. Ohio School of Golf is committed to helping you improve every aspect of your game!


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